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I started this as a forum post to refer my friends new to bitcoin to reliable gambling sites.
I found this was need because as all to often my new fellow bitcoiners were being scammed or suffering "remarkable" and repeated losing streaks.
With introduction of provable fairness I felt any casino that does not implement these simple measures were scammers or may as well be given how easy it would be for them to cheat.

Other bitcoin members liked my work and many gamblers appreciated the extremely critical approach I took to reviewing sites, I even got a mention in forbes for my efforts, certainly not something I ever expected to happen and following that a mention in Bitcoin Talk Magazine. A side effect of this was I got flooded with request to review sites. I made a small perl script to track sites, but with the growing community even that became to much of a job for me in my spare time. Sites remained in pending for months due to the time it would take to review (Im fussy).

So now that time has finally permitted me, I built this site to manage the list.
Hopefully it makes browsing easier as I feel the forum post is fast becoming to long for casual browsing.

Site & Game Scoring

Sites and Games are awarded merit and demerit badges.
Each badge also has points attached.
The points for all badges are totaled and the result is the score. The higher their score the better the site.

Provably Fair Games are awarded bonus points if their house edge is below 2%:

Badge Points Description
Approved +0.5 Approved
Pre-Approved +0.2 Pre-Approved
+2 Provably Fair
+0.1 Provable Results
Not as good as provably fair.
+1 +1 Year in Operation
Under current owner/s.
+0.5 Friendly and Responsive Admin
+1 Site Owner is not Anonymous
+0.1 Good Mobile & Tablet Support
+0.1 Nice User Interface
Intuitive and responsive UI.
+0.2 Anonymous Betting
No required email etc
+0.1 Hourly Freerolls
For poker sites
+0.1 Fast Results
Wagering and sports sites only.
+0.1 Fast Payout
Wagering and sports sites only.
+0.1 Live Bets
Sports sites only.
Badge Points Description
Untrustworthy -1 Untrustworthy
Site operators have taken advantage of their position to game players.
Scam -10 Scam
-1 Not Provably fair
Games not provably fair where it easily could be.
-2 Payout Issues
Site has a history of unresolved payout issues.
-1 Non Responsive Admin
Admin cannot be contacted for support.
-0.5 Provably Fair Concerns
eg: concern over result cherry picking.
-0.5 Unfriendly Admin
Rude &/Abusive towards clients.
-2 False Advertisements
Site makes false claims to attract clients.

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