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Submit Site By URL

This page is intended for site owners only.

This page allows you to add a new site to pre-pending by adding a file called memslist.txt to your website then submitting the url to your memslist.txt here.
This form automatically creates your username and emails the password to you and grants you the role site_owner for your site allowing you to add games and update your listings..
You may delete the file after a successful submission.

Examlple memslist.txt

Another Examlple memslist.txt

Enter URL for memslist.txt

Name Value
URL for memslist.txt:
URL must contain memslist.txt

When will you review my site ?

I try to do it in order of first come first served but preference is given to site owners who will credit me some BTC to test with.
Else when done at my own expense I pick sites at my liesure to review from the current pending list.

Why do you ask for BTC ?

Will you advertise my casino Here ?

I do not accept payment advertising from any casinos on this site, it may seem counter intuitive but I feel it keeps me honest.
If approved you are welcome to advertise/ sponsor my other services (ie the roulette simulator) but the gambling list will be free of all casino advertisements.

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